If you are merely a tenant, this could take some doing. This may be a bit of a challenge if you are stuck with a landlord who is very fond of hiking rentals more than once a year and doing pretty much nothing else besides. Any number of examples of what needs to be done around an apartment block could be given, the list is endless. Parking space has been one of those challenges for hard-working tenants who have the fine habit of paying their rent on time.

While their car is on the grounds, the tenant is still not one hundred percent certain that his vehicle is safe. If that is your designated parking bay, chances are good that someone on your block is still going to selfishly and thoughtlessly grab it. But if you could surround your perimeters, starting off with available to purchase online carport kits, with your own carport, you might be able to give the impression that this is private property and all outsiders are warned to keep off at all times.

carport kits

Would such a security trick work? Well, it could, if the carport has its own security perimeter built up around it. Also, with a locking mechanism, only you would be able to access the carport. But will the landlord allow it? That’s another story. He guards his property so jealously, he may even have issues with parking bays designed to convenience his tenants and look after their, not his, property. The vehicle is one of the most valued possessions of any man or woman.

Tenants have rights, so it’s worth a shot. Of course, if you own your own apartment, this erection could be done within a matter of an hour. 

Dealing With Landlords And Their Lack Of Enthusiasm For Carports